The solenoid valve is operated by the magnet, just one electromagnetic coil, simple structure, low cost.

    The motorized valve is operated by electric motor stem, moving valve cartridge. Motorized valve is classified by shut valve and control valve.

    There are two working conditions of shut valve, which is full open and full close. Control valve is attached with electrical valve locator fit the valve in a position by closed loop adjustment.

    The usage of motorized valve and solenoid valve:

    Solenoid Valve: used for liquid and gas pipe open controlling. Usually used for small size pipe.

    Motorized Valve: used for liquid, gas and air system pipe analog adjustment, controlled by AI. In the big size valve and air system controller.

    Solenoid Valve: only can be used as open-shut device, for small size pipe, usually less than DN50 and lower pipe.

    Motorized Valve: AI reaction signal, can be controlled by DO or AO.

    1、Switch Type:

    Solenoid valve is operated by electromagnetic coil, open or shut, time short.

    The operation of motorized valve is usually the motor, the time for open-shut can be adjusted.

    2、Adaptable Environment

    Solenoid valve is adapt to some special requirement, such as leakage, special medium.

    Motorized valve is usually adapt to adjustment.