Valve is the important part in the process of manufacturing and daily life, which is widely used in every trade. But now, the development of valve industrial is not in equilibrium, in the background of economic growth and market potential, the valve industry also existed some disadvantage factors.


    (1) Cheerful Prospect

    With the improvement of valve technology, and the application of valve ris wider and wider, the accordant valve standards become much more and more important. Valve industrial production already entered into the innovation era, not only the types of products need to be replaced, the management of inner company also need to be innovated according to the industry standards.

    (2) Chemical, Energy Industry Will Be the New Sources of Economic Growth

    For a long time, energy industry still kept a stable demand for the valve. The power amount is 2.679,030MW, which of American is 743.391MW, and the number will increase 40%, Europe, South America, Asia and especially the energy market in China will be the new increase point of valve market.

    2. Disadvantages

    (1) The Shortage of Professional Personnel

    The shortage of professional personnel already became the bottleneck of valve industry development. The valve industry grown in strength relied on the high competent people.

    (2) The Competitive Market

    Valve is low profit rate product, and the market is keen competitive. Now for China, valve industry is labor-intensive industry, the competitive reflects on the amount. The exportation in East Asia and Southeast Asia increased rapidly, German, Italy, Japan is enlarging their exportation. Although the valve products of China become more and more in quantity, therefore, discourse power is not hold in the hands of China manufacturers.

    (3) Outmoded Products and Disparate Development

    Improving the state and grade of valve products will be the primary problem in the process of valve industry development. The depression of valve industry lead to the lag behind of Chinese valve products.

    (4) Blind Competition

    There are blind competition in China valve market, such as part independents renovate the used valve in the market to make large profit, these actions disturb the normal order of valve market.