Nowadays, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China Official website published the announcement of “2016 NO.3”, there are 9 tasks which were related to valve industry standards. These standards will be implemented from June 2016.  

    These 9 tasks of valve industry are:

    1. Flange and butt weld connection resists corrosion gate valve (JB/T 12619-2016), this regulation ordains that application pressure, temperature rating, design, material, testing method, logo and supply.

    This rule was applicable for gate valve which of nominal pressure Class 150 ~ Class 600(PN20-PN100), nominal diameter is DN15-DN600. The applicable medium is oil, oil related products, gas, steam etc.

    2. Water hydraulic ball valve (JB/T 12620-2016), this rule ordains that the formation of water hydraulic valve, construction and model, technical requirement, testing and methods.This rule was applicable for ball valve which of the nominal diameter less than 500mm.

    3. Hydraulic gas valve technical requirement(JB/T 12622-2016), this rule ordains that the definition of liquefied natural gas gate valve, globe valve, ball valve and butterfly valve.

    4. Hydraulic gas valve functional test(JB/T 12622-2016), this rule ordains that the term and definition of hydraulic gas valve, test project, test operating procedure.

    This rule was application for the valve which of the nominal pressure is PN16-PN250, the nominal diameter is DN15-DN1200 and Class 150 - Class 1500.

    5. Hydraulic gas butterfly valve(JB/T 12623-2016), this rule ordains the formation, technical requirement, testing method of the steel cast butterfly valve.

    6. Hydraulic gas ball valve (JB/T 12624-2016), This rule ordains the hydraulic gas globe valve, lever check valve and spring check valve.

    7. Hydraulic gas ball valve (JB/T 12625-2016), this rule ordains the hydraulic gas ball valve, technical requirement, testing method. This rule was application to

    Hydraulic gas gate valve (JB/T 12626-2016), this rule ordains the structure of gas gate valve, technical requirement, testing methods, logo, package, transportation and storage. This rule is also application to the low temperature gate valve which of the temperature less than -162℃.