Since the foundation of Yuming Valve Co.,Ltd in 1972, Yuming Valve constantly kept stable and positive development. As the first leader unit of "the National Standard Authority valve safety valve,ball valve working group", Yuming Valve has gone throw the changes of valve market, own much more stronger brand strength,the group has five subordinates, and more than one hundred strategic business partners. Taking the industrial valve as the major part of group, formed the development,casting,machining,installment and testing, built the modern production line workshop,shaping the cooperation culture of Yuming Valve Co.,Ltd, credit and practice, unite and struggle, exploit and aggress, technical innovation.

The Development of Yuming Valve Co.,Ltd had gone through the path from Zhengzhou Xingyang Huang River Repair Factory, Zhengzhou Yuming Industrial Cooperation to Yuming Valve Co.,Ltd,Yuming consistently insist taking the high technology valve as core.The factory covered 56600 square meters, the workshop covered 25300 square meters,730 Yuming staff creat the province's Best product,quality-inspection-free products approved by competent state authorities.

For the past 30 years, Yuming promoted fastly in valve industrial, now cooperation already have more than twenty hit products, included safety valve, gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, check valve, gas control valve etc industrial valves and corollary equipment, according to GB,DIN,BS,JIS,ISO standards designed and manufacturing. These products are widely used in oil,chemical,gas etc areas. The products are also popular on sale in Europe and Middleast.

Based upon the "Human orientated,Quality First,Client Services,Aiming at Eccellence", Yuming Valve forged ahead with innovation and creativity.

Through scientific management,technology creation and market development,taking the technology as pioneer,taking quality as motivation,taking service as basis, establishing win-win cooperation relationship with wide clients.Yuming Valve Co.,Ltd aim to provide stable and modern solution for globe valve application area.