Flange fixed ball valve working principle:

    Fixed ball valve ball is fixed by the two fixed shaft support and ball together. Closed, under the action of medium pressure, the ball will not produce displacement, often connected with sphere, the shaft is equipped with rolling bearings, or sliding bearing. In order to reduce the friction when opening and closing journal. Reduce operating torque.
    This kind of fixed ball valve is suitable for large diameter ball valve. Hard seal fixed ball valve ball using upper and lower two stem fixed. Job, fluid pressure doesn't make the ball seat, the seat will not deformation under too much pressure. Stem section with self-lubricating bearings, reducing friction, the switching torque is small, two seat adopts spring preload. Sealing using ptfe inserted into the steel, steel ring at the back is equipped with spring, guarantee the seat close to the sphere.

    When the valve lumen abnormal pressure higher than spring tension force, the seat back out of the sphere, achieve automatic relief effect, pressure automatic reset after the seat. For fixed ball valve structure of advanced nature of the seal performance is stable, easy operation service life is long, very suitable for long distance pipeline and pipeline.

    Flange fixed ball valve structure features:

    1, adopt fixed ball design, relative motion parts adopt minimum friction coefficient self-lubrication material, and operating torque is small, moreover sealing grease seal for a long time, make the operation more flexible.

    2, the valve using high platform structure, which is connected with ISO5211 standard, can make the installation of electric/pneumatic actuator is more professional.

    3, the full size or reducing design, small flow resistance.

    4, metal hard seal O fixed ball valve structure of metal movable sealing in both directions, with functions of automatic compensation and self-cleaning, sealed performance is superior.

    5, adopt fixed ball design, and increased the pre-tightening force of spring, make the ball valve with functions of automatic pressure release.

    6, each ball valve has two movable sealing seat, both directions can be sealed, and install need not consider the flow of medium.

    7, with fire retardant anti-static structure, in the stem and valve body and valve stem and ball set between the conductive spring, avoid electrostatic spark to ignite flammable medium. Ensure the security of the system.

    8, the structure of the refractory dual protection, when one thousand a fire and make the seal loss, all sealing parts of ball valve can form the metal to metal hard seal structure.

    9, automatic pressure relief structure, when the liquid medium entrapped in the valve lumen due to temperature gasification, and lumen abnormal pressure rises, the midplane medium can rely on itself thrust to push the seat and automatic relief, to ensure the safety valve.

    10, the optional pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic external regulation, electric external regulation.