1: Metallurgical application valve: alumina behavior mainly used in metallurgical industry abrasive slurry valve (in current cut-off valve), adjust steam trap. Main steelmaking industry need metal sealing ball valve, butterfly valve and ball valve, globe flash oxide and four-way reversing valve;
    2: Marine application valve: follow the development of offshore oil field exploitation, the sea flat hair need valve also gradually increasing. Offshore platform with shut off ball valve, check valve, multi-way valve;

    3: The food and drug application valve: the industry mainly with stainless steel ball valve, non-toxic all plastic ball valve and butterfly valve. 10 kinds of valve products, compared to general requirements of valve, such as instrumentation valve, needle valve, needle valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve is in the majority;
    4: Environmental protection application valve: of collecting environmental protection system, water supply system is mainly need center line butterfly valve, soft-sealing gate valve, ball valve, exhaust valve (used to eliminate the air in the pipe). Sewage treatment system mainly need soft-sealing gate valve, butterfly valve;

    5: The gas application valve: city gas accounted for 22% of the whole nature of the whole market valve dosage is large, its type also. The main need ball valve, plug valves, pressure reducing valve, safety valve;
    6: Pipeline valve application: long distance pipeline mainly for crude oil, finished product and natural line. Dosage of this type of pipeline should be in the majority of the valve are three postures full size ball valves, forged steel sulfur resistant plate gate valve, safety valve, check valve.