In recent years, China's valve industry has entered a period of rapid development. Modern, intelligent, technology has penetrated into all walks of life, so as the manufacturing industry, one of the leading industries, the valve industry is also towards a more high-end direction. In the current industrial production, a variety of special complex situation increased significantly, such as high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, flammable and explosive, and so special industrial production, the valve requirements are increasingly high. We should focus on Security, functionality, service life. What's more, the overall development of the valve industry has gone into coexist era with challenge and opportunity. But with the power station valves, chemical valves, valve building materials and the rise of the valve with food, we can see that the valve industry has a grander prospect and attractive market.

       With the diversification of related industrial fields, in-depth development trend, the identity of the valve products has been gradually expanded from the main commodity to the wider industrial areas. High-tech areas of valve products made higher demands. At the same time, all kinds of discarded valve products, environmental protection, recycling and other tasks will become increasingly difficult. All valve manufacturers should seize the opportunity to sprint.