Company currently has perfect after-sales service system, achieved ISO9002 certification in 1997, 1998 to obtain the ISO9001 certificate, API 6D Certificate in May 2000, April 2001 achieved ISO9001 2000 version of the certificate, my factory quality management system has been gradually improved, after-sales service system and after-sales service guarantee ability obtained the perfect and improve. After the quality system of continuous improvement, our factory quality management system has been further improved, after-sales service system and after-sales service guarantee ability corresponding have greatly improved, our factory after-sales service system program for "Q/SGF C 7-08 service control procedure".

Company currently has a specializes in after-sales service "customer service department, with rich knowledge of the valve and manufacturing experience of a group of old technicians engaged in after-sales service, timely, enthusiastic, improvement and for the sake of users is the service aim of our factory after-sales service comrades, except the valve installation service or guidance according to the users of the program to determine the time, where a received user need after-sales service information, including the repair or replacement of parts required for my factory technical support, we must reply to the user processing scheme and get the user to confirm, within 12 hours of after-sales service comrades arrived at the scene.

The company will strictly enforce the State Quality Law provisions on product quality assurance and quality responsibility, because of the "three packs of" manufacturer responsibility caused by the product quality defects of implementation, due to the responsibility of the user of the product quality defects, our factory after-sales service, service cost is small general freight, service cost is large only charge cost.

Our service tenet: efficient, responsible and doubtsOur company service goal:

we adhere to the professional, timely and accurate credit;