Beginning: Stainless Steel Ball Valve Is Welcomed by Market

    With the development of manufacture and life, people have much higher requirement for valve products, also because the limitation of the special medium, working environment, and the double stimulation of market and clients requirement, stainless steel ball valve was born.

    Commendation: Yuming stainless steel ball valve

    After so many years, Yuming already became the high quality stainless steel ball valve supplier !

    Now, Henan Yuming Valve Co., Ltd have the ability to produce butterfly valve, gate valve, ball valve, check valve and many other products, now Yuming has already became the one of the biggest valve company.

    The Characteristics of Yuming Q41F Stainless Steel Ball Valve

    1. Gear type double piston, big moment, small in size.

    2. Light medium, good outlook.

    3. Device can be installed under the bottom of valve.