May summer is hot, Yuming people's work enthusiasm is like a blazing sun, infecting people along the way, efforts will eventually pay off, and the good news that has been passed back, proves that our labor results have been recognized.
    5.16 Zhengzhou Airport City Operation Co., Ltd. valve procurement project 2 bidding section - 3.84 million yuan.
    5.22 Shangshui County 2018 Rural Drinking Water Safety Consolidation and Enhancement Project Integration Fund Project 7 Section - 2.41 million yuan.
    The harder, the more fortunate. Our luck is built on the hard work of all Yuming people, from R&D design to modeling testing; from casting to finishing, from assembly to factory inspection; from serious sales to service users; from installation to after-sales protection. .
    Complete production and sales chain, clear after-sales service system, each step Yuming people are serious and serious, steady and confident.
    Quality is the foundation of a company's foothold, the cornerstone of its development, and the strongest guarantee of its reputation.
    Since its inception in 1972, Yuming has made product quality the primary goal of the company's development. Yuming people have won the support and trust of customers with solid quality standards.
    2018 is half past, but our footsteps are getting more and more busy. For a better tomorrow, all Yuming people are working hard every day. Thanks to the support and trust of all users, Yuming will definitely give back to the users with the best product quality.