Learning is the driving force for the company's progress. Maintaining a positive attitude is the guarantee for a company to progress steadily. To strengthen staff skills training and improve the staff's knowledge and accomplishment is to develop the intelligence potential of the staff, thereby comprehensively enhancing the company's market competitiveness and promoting the company's rapid and steady development process.

    Professional knowledge training

    In order to improve the business literacy of office personnel, Yu Ming invited professional lecturers to provide relevant knowledge training to office staff. Through improving the overall quality of staff, the company will improve its production efficiency and service level, establish a good image of Yuming and enhance its market competitiveness. The Yuming family repays the companys meticulous arrangements with a passionate learning attitude, actively participates in content discussion and sharing during the training process, earnestly listens to the lecturer's analysis and summaries, and makes good notes and experiences, reflecting on the in-depth work after the training. Practice method.

    Office process specification training

    The company has been advancing, and office procedures and office methods have also changed. To strengthen the efficient collaboration between departments, Yuming's departments rationalize, standardize, and unify office processes, and publish streamlined office processes among various departments. Enhance office quality and efficiency, and improve overall corporate image.
    At the meeting, the general manager of finance explained the state-to-business policies and explained in detail the links that may be involved in each department. At the same time, he put forward new requirements for the working procedures of various departments. Through training, they strengthened their understanding of the industry market. Call for everyone to respond to national regulations and strive to become a civilized and advanced enterprise.

    Teamwork training

    The efficient, orderly and perfect team is always pursued by the company. However, in the process of growth, it is inevitable to encounter mistakes. In order to complete the goal, it is necessary to improve the team communication mechanism, make personnel positioning, and adjust the strategic layout in a timely manner. This process requires all team members to actively cooperate. Go all out, only the team that can withstand pressure to overcome the predicament can become the ultimate winner.
    The talent training program is a long-term investment in the company's soft power. Talent is the company's first resource. With first-class talents, it is possible to develop first-class products and create first-rate performance. Enterprises can be invincible in market competition.
    Finally, we thank the company for the opportunity to learn and let Yuming people learn and exchange together. We also thank all the teachers for their careful guidance. At the same time, we would like to thank the workers of Yuming for their joint efforts and efforts. let us together do more better for Yuming valve! To be the better one!