There are no individuals who are born to be perfect, nor are they perfect teams that do not collide. Run-in is the stage of growth that a successful team must go through, and growth is like a sculpture. It needs to be repeatedly beaten and painfully sculpted in order to gradually shape. A stone incarnates a stone statue, and the word difference is like a butterfly, like a new life! The team is also the same!

    In order to strengthen Yuming's team building, the company organized a two-day, one-night expansion training program to stimulate staff potential and enhance team cohesion to achieve the goal of improving the team's overall work efficiency, thereby comprehensively improving the company's precise positioning, and everyone can take responsibility. The ultimate goal of efficient and orderly operation of the team.

    Many people think that participation in outreach training is only for team cohesion. In fact, not only that, outreach training is to find hidden issues in the team, stimulate conflicts and expose problems in the simulation environment, so as to analyze and solve problems, avoid risks in advance, and make team members more Smooth and efficient communication. At the same time, in the simulation environment, the staff’s own flash point is displayed, allowing new thinking sparks to grow in constant collisions and bring new energy to Yu Ming. Only by courageously challenging psychological weaknesses, facing professional shortcomings, and treating blind areas rationally ,so that we can help each other to grow and cultivate a positive atmosphere. Avoid the team's influence by bad habits, such as poor communication or self-inflicted.

    The team is the corporate fate community. The development history of the company tells us that there are no losers in a successful team, and there are no winners in a naturally defeated team. It is an excellent tradition for Yuming to strengthen its own team building and keep a watchful team consciousness. Each Yuming person will also maintain and continue this tradition and contribute all his enthusiasm and hard work for Yuming's development and progress!