1. According to the function and usage of valves:

    (1)Globe Valve: globe valve is also called the cut-off valve, the function of globe valve is to install or cutting down the medium in pipe. Globe valve included in gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and diaphragm valve.  

    (2)Check Valve: check valve is also called one direction or non-return valve, the function of it is in case of the turning back. The foot valve is also belong to the check valve specie.

    (3)Safety Valve: the function of safety valve species is forbidden the medium pressure exceeding the ruled number, achieving the aim of protection.

    (4)Control Valve: control valve included throttle valve and relief valve, the function of it is adjusting the pressure and flow.

    (5)Dividing Valve: dividing valve included different kinds of distribution valve and steam trap valve etc, the function of it is separating the blended medium in pipe.

    (6)Gas Valve: gas valve is the necessary part in the pipe system, which is widely used in the boiler, air condition. Gas valve is usually installed in a commanding elevation or elbow.

    2. According to Nominal Pressure

    (1) Vacuum: Working pressure lower than the standard atmospheric pressure.

    (2) Low pressure valve: PN1.6Mpa

    (3) Medium: PN:2.5,4.0,6.4Mpa

    (4) High pressure: 10~80Mpa

    (5) Super high pressure: PN100Mpa  

    3. According to Working Temperature

    (1) Super low temperature valve: t-100℃ 

    (2) Low temperature valve:  -100℃t-29℃

    (3) Nominal temperature valve: -29℃t120℃

    (4) Medium temperature valve: 120℃t≤≤425℃

    (5) High temperature valve:t450℃

    4. According to Valve Operation

    (1) Auto-mobilization Valve

    (2) Operation Valve

    (3) Handwheel Valve

    5. According to Nominal Diameter

    (1) Small Size Valve: DN40mm 

    (2) Medium Size Valve: 50 DN300

    (3) Big Size Valve: 350DN1200

    (4) Super Big Size Valve: DN1400mm  

    6. According to Construction

    (1) Globe Valve

    (2) Plug Valve

    (3) Gate Valve

    (4) Spring Valve

    (5) Butterfly Valve

    (6) Slide Valve

    7. According to Connection

    (1) Thread Valve

    (2) Flange Valve

    (3) Butt Weld Valve

    (4) Clamp Valve

    (5) Joint Valve

    (6) Wafer Valve

    8. According to Material

    (1) Metal Material Valve

    (2) Nonmetallic Material Valve

    (3) Metal Lined Valve

    9. According to the direction of open-close

    (1) Rotary Motion

    (2) Linear Motion