• Yuming Valve Co., Ltd: Turning “Manufacturing” to “Creating” Is the Best Way of Valve Enterprises


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    In recent years, the economic in our country grown rapidly, the international position also had improved, the competition in all industries became more and more keen, and so did valve industry. If the valve enterprises want to have development, they need to take in a situation, facing the competition actively, giving play to advantages to make the transformation and update.
    In this boom, Yuming Valve Co., Ltd held hard on to the core clients, reaching a new strategy on the product quality and total value of company.
    From the prospect of quality: good product relied on technology dedication.
    Yuming Valve Co., Ltd is a modern valve manufacture company which has three affiliated companies,manufacturing different kinds of valves.
    Yuming Valve Co., Ltd was located in the middle of China, the traffic city- Zheng Zhou, the area of factory is 82000 square feet, the company has different kinds of numerical control equipment, check outtest set and grain-processing machines about 300 sets, workshop staff is about 700.

    In recent years, company strengthen the quality management, taking technology transformation of industrial enterprise, improving process flowchart, optimizing product structure, increasing technology content. Now, Yuming Co., Ltd can manufacture different kinds of non-standard valve according to customer’s requirement.

    YCertified by Different Kinds of Qualification Certificates, Focus on After-Sale Service
    Not only improving manufacturing process, Yuming Valve Co., Ltd also has sound qualification insurance system and superior after-sale service, for so many years, still insisting “Quality First”. If there is problems in the process of installment, the sales personnel will arrive to the scene of the accident in 8 hours, the related engineers will arrive in 24 hours.