New foreign customers to visit our factory again, on April 2017. the customers come from Egypt, at the same time ,it is also our first Egyptian clients .The customer is local veteran dealer in Egypt, has rich experience in procurement and sales, at the beginning of the cooperation , customers has carried on the thorough understanding for our company's scale, production capacity, supply ability and other aspects and showed the strongly approval of our company.then with the company of technical engineer, to visit in turn the valve production workshop, assembly workshop and so on , through the interpretation for the customer of our company valve manufacturing process, company reached an agrement with customer in the requirements on the valve , then in the process of negotiation with the customer, finally making a deal in the business of the soft-sealing gate valve.
    Customers left a good impression on this visit,  our company always keep good relationship with customers after customers fininshed his trip back home smoothly, Both sides hoping can have a long cooperation for the future business , Yuming valve have a wide Egypt market gradually , at the same time, Yuming also deeply aware that service, customer supreme and it has no end.
    Yuming will continue to implement the spirit of entrepreneurship for 45 years, keep abreast of The Times, keep close cooperation with clients, and work together to make the best of yuming's glorious cause.