Bottom valve also called foot valve is by valve body, valve cover, valve, such as parts, gasket seal ring and bottom valve disc with single and double disc and disc type. Bottom valve after the access to the pipeline, the liquid medium to enter the body from the bonnet direction, the pressure of the liquid on the disc, that allows the medium flows through the valve is opened, when the body within the medium pressure change or disappear when the disc is closed to prevent backflow medium.


    1.Bottom Valve is actually a kind of check Valve, to prevent the reverse water role.
    2.Bottom valve according to the material can be divided into plastic bottom valve and metal 
    3.Bottom valve, also can be divided into ordinary bottom valve and backwashing water bottom valve.
    Bottom valve is mainly used in processing of grout mechanical equipment such as pump, usually bottom valve can be installed in the bottom of the suction pump water, to prevent the reverse flow of grout.