• the Size of China valve market will be 10% larger than which in America in the near future


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    In 2015,the size of China valve market will be 10% larger than which in America,at same time,the size of China will be 4 times as large as which in Japan.Purchasers will procurement valued 2.4 billion dollars valves.In 2015, three of the first ten suppliers and six of the first twenty suppliers will be generated in Asia.

    In recent years,the industrial development of China was very fast,and this bring the new oppertunities to the development of China valve industry. Therefore,the development of China valve industry was affected by the financial crisis around the world.Under the circumstances,the valve enterprise of China need to eliminate the backward productivity,ehancing the markting competitive,enlarging the development space.

    From the perspective of international environment,although the added-value of China valve exportation is low,but if China enterprise strenghthed the technology reasearch,developed the high value product,so the exportation potential of valve market is still large.