Gate valve is the gate for the opening and closing parts and along the valve seat axis perpendicular to the movement, in order to achieve the start action of the valve. Gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, the start is the gate, the direction of movement and the direction perpendicular to the fluid, the two sides of the sealing surface to form a wedge, wedge angle varies with the valve parameters, usually 5 °, the medium temperature is not And a height of 2 ° 52 '. To improve the process of the valve to make up the angle of the sealing surface in the process of generating the deviation, this gate is called the elastic gate.
    Gate valve's Feature

    1, The flow resistance is small. The valve body medium channel is straight, the medium into a linear flow, flow resistance.
    2, Open and close more effort. Is compared with the cut-off valve, because either open or closed, the direction of movement of the gate are perpendicular to the medium flow direction.
    3, A large height, a long opening and closing time. Gate stroke of the larger opening and closing, down through the screw.
    4, Water hammer phenomenon is not easy to produce. The reason is that the shut down time is long.
    5, The media can flow to any direction on both sides, easy to install. Gate valve on both sides of the channel symmetry.

    6, The structure of the length (the Department of the two shells connecting the distance between the end) smaller.
    7, The shape is simple, the structure length is short, the manufacturing process is good, for a wide range.
    8, Compact structure, the valve rigidity, channel smooth, small flow resistance, sealing surface with stainless steel and carbide, long life, with PTFE packing. Sealed and reliable. Operation light and flexible.