Thread globe valve disc once in an open position, it is no longer between the seat and clapper sealing surfaces of contact, and have a very reliable cutting action, close to the valve is very suitable for used as medium cut or adjust and throttling.

    Product advantages
    (1) The ball valve has simple structure, small volume, light weight, small flow resistance, good energy saving effect. Medium flows through the gate, equivalent to flow through a straight pipe, in all kinds of valve, the gate of the fluid resistance is minimal.
    (2) The direction of fluid flow into and out of the valve can be arbitrary choice, has a two-way role.
    (3) The horizontal pipe, vertical pipe can be installed.
    (4) Convenient operation, quickly switch, turn the handwheel by hand several switch can be realized.
    (5) The valve leakage effect is good and long service life.

    The performance characteristics 
    1, The switch of opening and closing performance is good
    2, Sealing and flow resistance are good
    3, The appearance of structure is smoothness and quality is very perfect!