Flange fixed ball valve structural features:
    1, The use of fixed-ball design, the relative motion parts are used very little friction coefficient of self-lubricating material, and thus operating torque is small, in addition to long-term sealed sealed grease, making the operation more flexible.
    2, The valve uses a high platform structure, ISO5211 connection standards, enabling the installation of electric / pneumatic actuator more specialized.
    3, With full diameter or reduced diameter design, flow resistance.
    4, Metal hard seal O-type fixed ball valve with two-way metal movable seal structure, with automatic compensation and self-cleaning function, superior sealing performance.
    5, The use of fixed ball design, and increased preload spring, making the ball valve with automatic pressure relief function.
    6, Each ball has two movable seal seat, both directions can be sealed, so the installation does not have to consider the flow of media.
    7, With fire anti-static structure, in the stem and the valve body and the stem and the ball set between the conductive spring, to avoid static ignition ignition flammable media. To ensure system security.
    8, Double-resistant fire protection, when the fire ring in case of fire burning, the various parts of the valve seal can form a metal-to-metal hard seal structure.
    9, Automatic pressure relief structure, when the liquid in the cavity of the cavity in the valve cavity gasification due to the temperature rise, so the abnormal increase in pressure in the cavity, the cavity can rely on their own media to promote the valve seat and automatic pressure relief, To ensure valve safety.
    10, Optional pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and electric regulation type.