1. Globe valve pressure test method
    Globe valves strength test, usually assembled valve on the pressure test frame, open the valve flap, into the media to the specified value, check the body and the valve cover is sweating and leakage. Can also be one-piece strength test. Sealing test only do cut-off valve. When the test valve stem into a vertical state, disc open, the media from the valve under the end of the introduction of the end to the specified value, check the filler and gasket; to be qualified after closing the valve flap, open the other end to check for leakage. If the valve strength and sealing test to do, you can do first strength test, and then step down to the sealing test specified value, check the filler and gasket; and then close the valve flap, open the outlet side to check the sealing surface leakage.
    2.Butterfly valve pressure test method
    Pneumatic butterfly valve strength test and the same stop valve. Butterfly valve sealing performance test should be introduced from the media into the test side of the flow of media, disc should be open, the other end closed, the injection pressure to the specified value; check the packing and other sealing no leakage, close the butterfly plate, open the other end, Board seal at no leakage for qualified. As a butterfly valve regulating flow can be done without sealing performance test.
    3.The pressure test method of the check valve
    Check valve test status: lift check valve flap axis is horizontal and vertical position; Swing check valve channel axis and the valve flap axis is in parallel with the horizontal line position.
    Strength test, the introduction of the test medium from the inlet side to the specified value, the other end closed to see the body and the valve cover without leakage as qualified.Sealability test From the export side into the test medium, check the sealing surface at the inlet side, packing and gasket at no leakage as qualified.