Winter is low in northern temperatures, many chemical companies, oil companies and refiners need to make warm measures to the valve and the resident building heating valve also needs to keep the valve warm winter.The maintenance of the main valve  installed in the room without affecting the normal and safe use of the valve, or can cut the appropriate insulation cotton according to the size of the valve, then use the pliers to cut the wire to bundled on valve.When using insulation cotton, tear the insulation cotton, let it bypass the valve handle, better wrap the valve body. After packing the insulation cotton,then fixed it with steel wire.


    When the valve is used, if it is found to be frozen, it is not possible to operate normally, please Notice: not to use a wrench or other heavy object to strike the valve.The correct approach is to close the valve, thaw the valve with steam or hot water, and then turn on the valve.


    When the equipment is stopped or overhaul the equipment, the water in the valve must be released to avoid freeze;Some media may contain water, to drain regularly, and the valve pays attention to heat preservation;Water steam pipelines check the hydrophobic situation, while keep warming to hydrophobic valve and pipeline;The inverted and drenching pipes of the chemical system need keep warm; The safety valves on boilers, pressure vessels and pressure pipelines shall be insulated to avoid freezing and failure;Keep it to keep warm when doing a water pressure test, especially the anti-freeze of the finer pipe;When the ambient temperature is low, you should install a liquid partner on a frozen pressure vessel or add steam tube on pressure pipe., pay attention to the smoothness of steam.


    Long-term do not use valves, should completely eliminate media in the pipe, prevent pipes and valves from freezing.The long-term storage valves should be checked regularly, clean dirt, and apply anti-rust oil on the machining surface.

     The valve is frozen, the problem can be large or small, We must not cause an irreversible situation because of momentary carelessness.