• Warmly celebrate YuMing Valve Company become one of the Thirty Strongest industrial enterprise in annual 2014


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    In order to fasten the building of Modern Industrial system which can play the exemplary role of key enterprise in advance,enhancing the breed of benchmark enterprise,promoting the development of economic good and fast.XingYang City will elect the strong enterprise with high growth.Nowadays,the thirty strong enterprise and twenty high growth enterprise had been listed and published in society.

    The list of thirty stronggest industrial enterprises in annual 2014 in XingYang City

    1.He Nan SHAOLIN BUS Copperation
    2.China Tianrui Group Cement Company Limited
    3.Henan Sunshine Oils and Fats Group
    4.Henan SongMin Min Bao Qi Cai CO.,LTD
    5.China GUODIAN Corporation XingYang Branch
    6.Caterpillar Company XingYang Branch
    7.Henan Communication Cable CO.Ltd
    8.ZhongYuan Railway Track Technology Development CO.Ltd
    9.HeNan YIFAN Machine Company 10.HeNan HuiLong Aluminum Company
    11.XingYang Electrical Company
    12.Zhengzhou BoDa Mills,Inc
    13.ZhengZhou ChangCheng Machine Cooperation
    14.HeNan SANYI Mills,Inc
    15.Zhengzhou Xinyu Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
    16.Zhengzhou YuJie Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
    17.Zhengzhou SANHE Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd
    25.He Nan YuMing Valve Company Co.,Ltd