With the continuous expansion of the company's scale, the establishment of new offices, and the incorporation of various technical talents, the company's products are being updated and upgraded step by step. The launch of a series of new products has been recognized by many domestic and foreign customers, and the production line has been in active operation.

       The introduction of the new product fully welded ball valve has become the company's explosive product. First of all, the large diameter welded ball valve is characterized by a turbo-type fully welded ball valve, suitable for Class150~300Lb, working temperature -29~200 in petroleum, chemical, and thermal power plants And other pipelines under various working conditions. The processing of the sphere is tracked and detected by an advanced computer detector, and the processing of the sphere is highly accurate.

    Recently, large-diameter welded ball valves are the main products in the factory. The order volume and production volume are very large. The technicians of the production line strive to complete each order under the condition of ensuring quality and quantity.