• What are the selection conditions of electric butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve?


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     Electric butterfly valve has the advantages and uses
    Electric butterfly valve is a very common pipeline flow regulation device, It has a wide range of uses and covers many fields, such as regulating the flow of water in reservoirs and dams of hydropower plants, regulating the flow of industrial fluids in factories, etcThe following take you to understand the characteristics and advantages of electric butterfly valve
    Good sealing

        Whether the sealing is good is very important for the choice of valve, after all, the role of the electric butterfly valve is used to adjust the fluid flow in time, and it is faced with high temperature and high pressure when working, so if the sealing is not good, it will lead to fluid leakage and cannot guarantee accurate flow regulation. The electric butterfly valve has a special sealing system, so it has good sealing in the ultra-low temperature to high temperature range, that is, the sealing of the electric butterfly valve is not affected by temperature, and the electric adjustment valve switch is very convenient.
    Zero leakage

        The most commendable is the sealing of the electric butterfly valve, the valve stem shaft seal is a very sealing ring, the sealing ring is made of graphite pressed, the sealing ring and the butterfly plate of the electric butterfly valve will not be card, so the sealing is very good, zero leakage fire safety electric butterfly valve is a priority choice for many customers.
    Easy adjustment and control

        Electric butterfly valve is a device used to control the flow of fluid, in addition to the transport of regulating fluid, mud and other substances with a certain viscosity can also be transported, and the liquid accumulated in the pipeline is less, electric opening and closing fast and easy.
        There are many types of valves used in industry, but the purchase of a truly desirable valve still needs some thought, electric butterfly valve has a wide range of application, strong operability, excellent sealing, and is a very many types of industrial electric valves.

    Pneumatic butterfly valve has the advantages and uses

        The pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of a pneumatic actuator and a butterfly valve. The pneumatic butterfly valve is a pneumatic valve that is opened and closed with the circular butterfly plate rotating with the valve stem to realize the enabling action. It is mainly used as a cut-off valve, and can also be designed to have the function of regulating or segment valve and regulating. The butterfly valve is used more and more in low pressure large and medium diameter pipelines. Categories: stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve, hard seal pneumatic butterfly valve, soft seal pneumatic butterfly valve, carbon steel pneumatic butterfly valve. The main advantages of the pneumatic butterfly valve are simple structure, small size and light weight, low cost, the characteristics of the pneumatic butterfly valve are especially significant, installed in the high-altitude tunnel, convenient operation through the two-position five-way solenoid valve control, and can also adjust the flow medium.
        The powder system of the pneumatic butterfly valve, there are other factors that need to be taken into account, such as: can not let the material from above into the car directly to the valve plate (this impact force will also make the valve can not be closed tightly), and the static pressure of the material should not exceed the design pressure of the pneumatic butterfly valve, and so on.

        The difference between the control valve and the ordinary manual valve is that it can not be regarded as an isolated component, but must be considered as part of the entire automatic control system, many problems in the use of the control valve, not the selection and configuration of the problem, but because the user's lack of understanding of the control valve caused the control valve to fail to debug and control system. As long as we realize the key to the problem, correctly select the valve, and debug the control valve well in the system debugging stage, we can greatly reduce the failure rate and make the long-term stable operation of the automatic control system.