Due to the continued rise in prices in the recent valve raw materials, the supply of valve accessories is not timely, and the assembly price is unstable. Zhang Xixian, General Manager of Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd., deputy chief of supply department, and deputy director of the Sales Department and other groups came to Zhejiang and Fujian Valve Supplier Base to investigate and communicate our suppliers. On the one hand, in order to ensure the delivery time of the later product, on the other hand, it is a further understanding of more professional valve knowledge.

    Under the leadership of the supplier, Urniren visited the production workshop, detail the casting process and production process, and also learned the product inventory.

    In the process of visiting, Yuming staff and suppliers have conducted in-depth conversations, from valve professional knowledge to the problem of raw material prices and rising problems such as valve prices, etc. have a deep understanding and answer.

    "Stones from other hills, can learn". Through this exam study, we learned more advanced, more professional valve knowledge, and further understand the latest dynamics and directions in the valve market.
    Yuming Valve Group Co., Ltd. will further improve its own technology, improve the capacity of all aspects, and further develop!

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