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Pressure Safety valve

  • Size:DN20-DN400
  • Pressure:PN16-PN100
  • temperature:≤200℃
  • concatenon:flange
  • medium:air steam etc
  • Flange Standard:GB/T9113,HG20592

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Pressure Safety valve

Valve parameters:



Body Materials:WCB

Disc Materials:20Cr13

Structure type:Spring loaded, with wrench


Drive type:automatic

Drawings and dimensions:


Safety valve is pressure equipment, containers and pipelines the best overpressure protection device, when the media pressure exceeds the allowable value, the safety valve automatically open, then the full amount of emissions, to prevent the pressure continues to rise, when the pressure decreases to the required value When the safety valve closed automatically in time.

Safety valve design, manufacture, acceptance of technical standards in line with GB / T12243 requirements. Closed valve cover closed type, which will help prevent the intrusion of dust and debris to prevent the overflow of toxic and flammable media; open valve due to open bonnet, help to reduce the temperature of the spring chamber, mainly for the steam medium pipe And containers; safety valve with a radiator is mainly suitable for medium temperature over 300 ℃ conditions. Spring-loaded safety valve with wrench Opens manually with a wrench when the medium pressure reaches more than 75% of the cracking pressure.