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Bidirectional High Pressure Hard Sealing Butt Welding Butterfly Valve

  • Size:6"~80"(DN150~DN2000)
  • Pressure:ASME CLASS 150~600(PN16~PN100)
  • Body Materials:Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and duplex steel, nickel-chromium ductile iron
  • concatenon:Butt welding
  • Mode of operation :Worm gear , electric, pneumatic, hydraulic

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 Product features

1, adopt the most advanced three-eccentric metal seal structure, with two-way pressure, reliable sealing performance, can achieve zero leakage.

2. When opening and closing the butterfly plate, the sealing surface quickly separates from the valve seat, with small wear and tear, opening and closing quickly and saving labor.

3, the elastic element installed behind the movable seat, automatic compensation of sealing force and wear between the sealing surface, to ensure no leakage of two-way seal.

4, small size, light weight, easy to install.

5, the welded structure and pipeline become one, no leakage forever.

6, three eccentric structure with self-locking function, closed when the section of the medium, can also adjust the flow of media.